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Captivating Thoughts March 7, 2008

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Sunday night the message was on captivating our thoughts.  A couple of points made on ways to change your thinking:

  • Open up to new voices who love and support you
  • Internalize these new messages of encouragement and validation that come from positive people in your life

  I think blogging is one way to hear the new voices and reading positive feedback is an encouragement to whoever is writing.  If you are a reader, also be an encourager.  You never know when something  simple can be the encouragement the writer needed at that moment, or something that the reader needed to read.  Other points made were to change your thinking by:

  •  reading God’s word
  •  listening to inspiring teacher and communicators
  •  memorizing God’s word so it is always with you, and
  • gain new experiences that disprove the old messages in your head. 

Thank you all for helping me to captivate my thoughts and change my thinking patterns.  I challenge you to do the same.