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Snowday, Monday February 15, 2010

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Well I’ve never been a fan of cold weather, and I will have to say I have had my fill of it this season – it’s not anywhere close to the ice storm of last year, but it seems like every other day we are getting snow. The road are clear tonight, but we got another inch last night. To quote many people on the internet, “Al Gore, where is all that global warming”. I guess in Canada right now. The Olympics are on tonight and they have had to postpone or delay some competitions because of condition of the track or slopes. Let’s send Canada our snow!!

I love sports. Athletic competitions of all kinds. Freddie and I got to go see UK play Arkansas a few weeks ago. 16th row behind the bench. I loved every minute of it! I get swept up in the emotion of the athletes too. Does anyone else’s eyes tear up and get a lump in their throat when scores are being announced or national anthems (of any country) are being played for the athlete. LOVE IT!!

Loved the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament this past weekend. My son played golf in high school with JB Holmes. Love to follow JB’s tournaments. Just a sports nut I guess.

Hope you had a good Monday.


Snowman March 8, 2008

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Snowman Finale

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snowman-037.jpgWell, here are the last couple of pictures for the snowman.  It ended up being 11 foot ?? 7?? inches tall.   F, L and C had fun.  I am just the photographer.  We just sat here and ate potato soup to warm up.  It was a good day.


Snowman 3

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snowman-016.jpgStill working hard


Snowman 2

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snowman-011.jpgStage 2 of snowman



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snowman-001.jpgThe beginnings of our snowman.  I will post the final if there is one……Brrrr…