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What to say………. October 2, 2008

I’ve been on here every day.  I read what all my friends have to say, I miss them when they aren’t here.  I love reading their thoughts.  I love to pray for them when they ask for prayer.  Then I come to write………and…………blank.  Nothing seems relative, insightful, witty, worth putting in black and white.  It is a good thing I don’t have to write for a living.  I would go hungry.  I guess that is what they call writer’s block.  Communication is not my strong suit.  Relationship is not my strong suit.  I am much more comfortable in the confines in my own home.  But, God calls us to relationship.  So, how do you all do that?  Corporate worship is a good beginnng, but Sunday School and small groups bring it to a more personal level.  My small group keeps me in the Word, keeps me active, keeps me from crawling into my corner and withdrawing.  God knows that I have to work hard to step out of my box and talk to people.  It really is much easier to fold my arms, tuck my head and walk directly to where I am headed.  So to tell you that I accepted an appointment from the Greater Muhl Chamber of Commerce as an Ambassador just scares the beejeebers out of me.  Now, I must tell you I am doing the Beth Moore study, Stepping Up.  One night last week in the chapter on Psalm 122 the study asks, “How is God using your town or city to equip you to be a humble servant?”…..then…….”How is God using you in your town or city?”  I didn’t have an answer that night, I left it blank.  The next day I got the telephone call from the Chamber.  How could I tell them anything other than yes?  God is stretching me—–so those of my friends reading this—–I need prayer.  Prayer from you, prayer by me, and my personal relationship with God will be all that gets me through stepping out (or up) of my box and being an Ambassador.  Whew…..God sure has a sense of humor.


Rehoboam June 4, 2008

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My small group is doing a study by Charles Swindoll on Forgotten People of the Bible.  Last night was Rehoboam.  Did you know that Rehoboam became the first ruler of the Southern Kingdom of Judah?  He became king after his father Solomon died.  The people of the northerm kingdom came to Rehoboam and asked that he relieve them from some of the burden that Solomon had placed on them.  Rehoboam asked for 3 days to think about it.  He went to the wise, older counselors and they told him to ease up on the people and they will serve you.  He didn’t like that answer.  He then went to his “buddies”, peers his own age that grew up with him, and they said “show them who is who.  Show them you can make it even harder on them.  Show them who is Boss”.  That is what he did.  The end result was the split of the 12 tribes to 10 in the northern kingdom and 2 in the southerm kingdom.  God sent the prophet Shemaiah to tell Rehoboam that he needed to stop the war before it started.  He was told that the 12 tribes would be divided if he didn’t listen and that things would be okay if he obeyed God.  He didn’t listen.  Rehoboam built up 15 cities as fortresses, sent his 28 sons out to man the regions.  Rehoboam abandoned God. The Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom began years of fighting, proving that God is true to his word.  The tribes were split and Jeroboam ruled the North and Rehoboam the South. 

Isn’t that a lot like us?  Don’t we all tend to go to the person who tells us what we want to hear, rather than to someone a little older, a little wiser?  We want to hear what we want to hear and the majority of the time our closest friends are the ones we rely on to give us the answer we want to hear.  And how many times do we give something to God only to take it back again and let ourselves and our friends handle the problem? 

Like the women’s conference a couple of years ago, ladies, we need to be Dangerous Women.  We need to counsel those around us to the truths of the Bible, not just the stuff people want to hear.  Help ME  to be real, Lord.  Help me to listen to your words and not abandon your ways just because it is easy at that time. 

The story of Rehoboam can be found in 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles.


Did I Say Back Pain???? April 23, 2008

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If I look back a week, what I thought was back pain doesn’t compare …………tonight………let’s just say when you walk out a door and walk off a stoop and fall into a bed of petunias and then to the driveway………….need I say more?  Last night after small group that was exactly what I did.  I twisted my ankle, my knee is swollen, my lower back is throbbing and my neck is too stiff to turn, PLUS it broke 3 fingernails!!  But just as much as that hurts, I feel bad for tearing up the newly planted bed of petunias at my friend’s house, they were so pretty before I got there.  I owe her some new flowers!  I just didn’t realize that the steps went to the right and I went straight.  THUD!!!!!!  Boy, do I feel dumb (and sore).  My daughter says I can’t go out after dark anymore!!!