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Rainbows April 24, 2008

Filed under: Prayer — Kimberly @ 12:42 pm

Rainbow 2006I have always had a fascination with rainbows.  It is such an awesome display of God’s splendor.   If I am anywhere around a camera when I see one, I take a picture.  This one was last year taken from my back door.  You can faintly see the double one on the top right of the picture.  The most beautiful one I ever saw I was in Owensboro.  By the time I could get to that $1 store on Frederica to buy a disposable camera, it was gone.  But, I have the memory burned in my mind.  That is what we are to do with God’s word too, burn it in our minds, our hearts, keep it close so we may use it at any time for God’s glory.  My friend had a miracle today, God’s glory showed through.  We see that rainbow.  Thank you to all you who prayed.  God is good.