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IVF November 18, 2010

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Long day today and it wasn’t even me going through it, well I was but I wasn’t. My daughter has been going through the IVF process. Today she and her husband went to Nashville for the egg retrieval. The retrieved 23 eggs, which I understand is good. Now the waiting begins. She will get a phone message on the next 2 days on the growth of the embryos and they will transfer them back in her anywhere from Sunday to Tuesday – most likely Tuesday. She can have a pregnancy test on December 3. That will seem like an eternity away – kinda like waiting on Christmas when you were a child. You never thought it would get here. Keep us (yeah, me too) in your prayers and hopefully we will be like little kids on Christmas morning when we get exactly what we want.


What to say………. October 2, 2008

I’ve been on here every day.  I read what all my friends have to say, I miss them when they aren’t here.  I love reading their thoughts.  I love to pray for them when they ask for prayer.  Then I come to write………and…………blank.  Nothing seems relative, insightful, witty, worth putting in black and white.  It is a good thing I don’t have to write for a living.  I would go hungry.  I guess that is what they call writer’s block.  Communication is not my strong suit.  Relationship is not my strong suit.  I am much more comfortable in the confines in my own home.  But, God calls us to relationship.  So, how do you all do that?  Corporate worship is a good beginnng, but Sunday School and small groups bring it to a more personal level.  My small group keeps me in the Word, keeps me active, keeps me from crawling into my corner and withdrawing.  God knows that I have to work hard to step out of my box and talk to people.  It really is much easier to fold my arms, tuck my head and walk directly to where I am headed.  So to tell you that I accepted an appointment from the Greater Muhl Chamber of Commerce as an Ambassador just scares the beejeebers out of me.  Now, I must tell you I am doing the Beth Moore study, Stepping Up.  One night last week in the chapter on Psalm 122 the study asks, “How is God using your town or city to equip you to be a humble servant?”…..then…….”How is God using you in your town or city?”  I didn’t have an answer that night, I left it blank.  The next day I got the telephone call from the Chamber.  How could I tell them anything other than yes?  God is stretching me—–so those of my friends reading this—–I need prayer.  Prayer from you, prayer by me, and my personal relationship with God will be all that gets me through stepping out (or up) of my box and being an Ambassador.  Whew…..God sure has a sense of humor.


Winds of Change September 14, 2008

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As I sit here listening to this tremendous wind we have howling around us today that phrase keeps coming to mind.  There are so many storms that blow up in our life.  Bro. Ray talked about this morning that we must perservere.  Pray for those affected by Hurricane Ike, pray for those affected by the storms of life.  They can all use our prayers.


Isaac July 3, 2008

Yesterday I just kept thinking about Jacob and what he and his family must be going through.  Last night the Patriarchs Week 3 was about Isaac.  Beth Moore talked about Abraham taking that 3 day walk to place his son Isaac as a sacrifice out of obedience to God.  Can you imagine all that would be going through your head in that 3 days?  Can you imagine raising the sword over your head to kill you own child?  I wish I could say I was that obedient, but…………..whew………………..my child?  Are you sure God?  Did I hear you right?  My child?  Beth also made a statement “We will give him most of what we love, but we won’t give him what we love most”  God will give us tests in our lifetime, but each test has only OUR name on it.  No one else has to take my test, I don’t have to take your test.  Through doing that, He may just be trying to prove to us that we can pass the test.  Prove to ourself that we have the faith we need.  Beth also said that even in our most trying tests, obedience is not the hardest part, but keeping the faith is. 

So, the family I spoke about yesterday, their hardest test is going to be keeping the faith.  We have to be intecessors for them.  We have to continue to lift them up and pray for God’s will in Jacob’s life and their life.  Please do that with me.


For Jacob July 2, 2008

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Each one of you that read this……….pray for Jacob.  Pray for his mom, dad and brother too.  Send them an ecard.  You can go to www.vanderbiltchildrens.com.  Click on Send an ecard.  Click on the card you like, fill in his name, I always click that I don’t know his room number, type in your name, message and they will deliver a card to their room.  I honestly cannot imagine spending 3/4 of my child’s life in a hospital with them, surgery after surgery, medicine on top of medicine.   What strength A must have.  Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday.  She is healthy.  I am thankful.  Remind yourself you are blessed today.


Patriarchs June 6, 2008

First and foremost, let me thank you for your prayers yesterday.  I felt them, and it helped me through a really difficult day.  Praying friends are so AWESOME, and always, ultimately, God is good.

Today, let me talk about Patriarchs.  If you have not signed up for the study at church, please consider doing so.  This was one of my all-time favorite studies I have done.  I can’t wait to start again.  It taught me a lot and as always, with a Beth Moore study, you hear things the second time around that you missed, or it just wasn’t meant for you to retain the first time through. 

Abram (Abraham) Isaac and Jacob.  Genesis.  Very interesting.  Sarai (Sarah), Hagar, Ismael, Joshua, Rebekah, Esau, Leah, Rachel, Dinah, Tamar, and it goes on.  All flawed people. God loved them.  God loves me.  As quoted in Beth’s introduction, if God talks about it, then he means for us to talk about it too.  God knows the way of mankind and I think for the first time I realized that God intended to lift me up for His glory just as he did these people in this study.  To quote from Week Eight:  “God purposes to use every second of a devinely ordained wait to build us into the individuals our future demands we be.  One of the most peculiar and exquisite experience of faith is realizing that while you haven’t seen answers, or the way you should take, you’ve learned how to see the light of God himself.  Right there in the blindness of your own circumstance”. And in Week Nine “God will never lead you anywhere you can’t ultimately be productive to the glory of His great name”  Whew, I tell you, this really is a great study.   You learn history, you learn more about individuals, and you learn just how much God is committed to us.

Come join us at Second Baptist Church next Wednesday night and begin the study of The Patriarchs.  Hope to see you there. 


Send ’em to me…………. June 5, 2008

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I could use your prayers today, right now, right where you are.   Send ’em my way ladies. (or gents)