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Sit, Soak, but hopefully not sour……………. May 13, 2008

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 It is time to go soak in the hot tub and loosen some muscles.  Just wanted to tell each of you that I Love You.  We never know how lucky we are to have friends, a Bible, a set time to meet to have corporate worship, to know God’s love, and the freedom to take it all in.  Someone said tonight that if we sin at 12 midnight, ask for forgiveness at 12:01 AM we will have mercy at 12:02 am.  Press into Him daily.  Think about that …..all we need to do is ask God’s forgiveness and it is granted!!!  He loves us that much.  God is soo good all the time.   I love each and everyone of you, if you need anyone you want to listen, I am your girl!!!!!  I  went to Dismas House which is a half way house for women serving time  in jail, In Owensboro tonight for a service, time of prayer, praise. The Holy Spirit was definitely in the house.   We are SO, SO lucky.  So, So lucky.  Thank God everyday for what you have.  You are blessed.  Pray if I go back God will give me the words to be his witness and not hang on to apron strings of others.  Crack me out of my shell.  I love each of you!!!  Thank you Jesus for what you have blessed upon me.

PS I would like to find out who did the praise and worship tonight, he was really, really good!!

Have a good week

Love, Kim

EDIT NOTE:  To clarify –  my small group went to Dismas House and I accompanied them.  They keep me accountable and make me grow and help me to step outside MY box I have created for myself.  I got as much out of the worship service as the girls there, they witnessed to me, and my small group was my support.   Thanks M&Ms.


Sunday worship May 4, 2008

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Do you not think that today’s music worship was totally awesome????  Singing in the choir gives me the best of both worship experiences.  I get contemporary at the early service (which totally blew me away) and traditional at the 11 am service —- and the chance to hear Andy’s solo twice.  Brian does such a great job of putting together songs that bring us right into the presence of God.  Can I hear an AMEN?