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Did I Say Back Pain???? April 23, 2008

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If I look back a week, what I thought was back pain doesn’t compare …………tonight………let’s just say when you walk out a door and walk off a stoop and fall into a bed of petunias and then to the driveway………….need I say more?  Last night after small group that was exactly what I did.  I twisted my ankle, my knee is swollen, my lower back is throbbing and my neck is too stiff to turn, PLUS it broke 3 fingernails!!  But just as much as that hurts, I feel bad for tearing up the newly planted bed of petunias at my friend’s house, they were so pretty before I got there.  I owe her some new flowers!  I just didn’t realize that the steps went to the right and I went straight.  THUD!!!!!!  Boy, do I feel dumb (and sore).  My daughter says I can’t go out after dark anymore!!!