A Changed Heart

Kim’s Journey

Isaac July 3, 2008

Yesterday I just kept thinking about Jacob and what he and his family must be going through.  Last night the Patriarchs Week 3 was about Isaac.  Beth Moore talked about Abraham taking that 3 day walk to place his son Isaac as a sacrifice out of obedience to God.  Can you imagine all that would be going through your head in that 3 days?  Can you imagine raising the sword over your head to kill you own child?  I wish I could say I was that obedient, but…………..whew………………..my child?  Are you sure God?  Did I hear you right?  My child?  Beth also made a statement “We will give him most of what we love, but we won’t give him what we love most”  God will give us tests in our lifetime, but each test has only OUR name on it.  No one else has to take my test, I don’t have to take your test.  Through doing that, He may just be trying to prove to us that we can pass the test.  Prove to ourself that we have the faith we need.  Beth also said that even in our most trying tests, obedience is not the hardest part, but keeping the faith is. 

So, the family I spoke about yesterday, their hardest test is going to be keeping the faith.  We have to be intecessors for them.  We have to continue to lift them up and pray for God’s will in Jacob’s life and their life.  Please do that with me.