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Great Banquet May 3, 2008

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As I attended the Thursday night service for the Great Banquet, I stood there looking around and just became more enamored with how awesome God is.  We all have chances for divine encounters, sometimes those come back around for us, sometimes that one brief moment in time will be all we have.  Thursday night, the group included young girls from our church that will be the future of 2BC, my daughter and her friend, a girl that my daughter used to ride to college with, the mother of my son’s close friend, my “diet pepsi” friend that went to banquet same weekend as me, a girl who used to work at the clinic, a young man my husband had coached in basketball when they were in the 4th grade, and a golfing friend of mine I had lost contact with over 15 years ago.  I had a brief moment to share with her about God, and then she was gone again.  All these people are from different areas of western Kentucky.  We all share stories that date from this week to years ago.  None of our lives will ever be the same as those first encounters…..All these lives brought back in contact because they felt the Holy Spirit telling them to attend this banquet.  They will leave this banquet weekend and touch even more lives that just perpetuates God’s word going forward.  Just by attending Thursday night I left with a renewed sense of awe for such a mighty God!!  I pray for each of those attending and thank those people who continue to share their message of hope and love of God to others.