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27 November 15, 2008

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So hard to believe.  My youngest will be 27 tomorrow, don’t blink ladies…it goes way too fast.  It seems like yesterday he was graduating from pre-school in his white pants and plaid jacket reciting his “I Want to be a Banker”.  His blonde hair in a mullet (haha – he hates that picture!)  Or was it yesterday I was sitting at the Greenville Park Ampitheatre watching him get his first t-ball award, or maybe the Little League game he made an unassisted triple play.   Wait, maybe it was 6th grade graduation when I took 30 pictures of him in his new suit and wire-rimmed glasses (oh wait, no film in the camera).  Oh…I remember…it was the first high school golf match when the golf bag was bigger than him and he beat all the guys twice his size.  It was just yesterday he was pitching a no-hitter or winning that regional game, or was I watching him receive his All-State award from golf pro Russ Cochran.  Oh…. I think it was yesterday he graduated high school – top of his class.  No wait, my memory is better now, he is playing in College Golf Nationals in Albequerque NM (5th place) or Palm Coast FL and getting that college regional win.  Oh, there he is coaching the local high school baseball team.  No, I remember now, it was Monday night  and he was coaching basketball with his first teaching position.  Blink.  Blink.  All I know is that all these seem like yesterday.  I have been through 7 different graduations, 4 sports, umpteen awards, girlfriends and breakups, and I love him more every day and everything seems like it went by way too quick.  Cherish your little ones because before you know it they will be 27 too!  Here are pictures of our dinner tonight.  My beautiful daughter and my son.  We came in 3 cars and at the end of the dinner went 3 different ways.  I miss all the days that seemed like they were just yesterday.  Blink..blink..there went more time.



10-11-01 October 11, 2008

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It has been 7 years today since I lost my dad.  I still find it difficult to look at fall arrangements without thinking of his funeral.  I haven’t put any out in my house in years.  This picture I took today embodies my thoughts of my dad……………..fall trees and golf.  I love you dad.

Hole #12

Hole #12


J.B.Holmes September 22, 2008

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Well, in my attempt to edit my post on JB I ended up deleting it.  Just let me say – WAY TO GO JB.  Proud to watch you in the Ryder Cup.  I know that there are those of you who doubt my words—-but golf was exciting this weekend.


Chamber Golf June 12, 2008

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Today my son, two of his friends and I played in the Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament.  We shot 20 under par and won the tournament.  Boy, that was lots of fun.  We had 3 eagles in a row…….we parred one hole and that was in the wind, rain and beginnings of the storm we had this afternoon.  We had to go in for a rain delay.  We ended the day with 3 eagles, 1 par and 14 birdies.  After watching someone else play that well last weekend, it was great to do it ourselves today!!  I would love to play that good all the time!  Tomorrow is back to work.  😦  Hope it is a good day for you.


Golfing June 7, 2008

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I am playing golf in a 4 person scramble this weekend.  I had the privilege of watching another group of 4 (2 men – 2 women) shoot a round of 49.  Yes, that is a 49 for 18 holes.  Course record.  What a spectacle to watch.  I enjoyed watching them more than I enjoyed playing in this heat!!!  We shot 12 under to their 22 under and tomorrow are in the same flight as them.  Maybe we will come in 2nd.  It was a good day


Rain, rain, go away May 26, 2008

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Well, as I am sure most of you are, I am very disappointed that today is so stormy. I had hoped to pack as much as I could into this holiday. I wanted to play golf, work on our patio/landscape ideas and have a family cookout tonight. Of course, we can still get the family together, which is the most important of all my plans, but I really was looking forward to playing in a golf scramble with another couple too. Another time, another day. Anyway, here is what we have accomplished so far in our back yard. We are still trying to come up with a design for a patio. I don’t want square.  Ideas are welcome. Have a good rest of your Memorial Day. Thinking of you today, Dad. Love you.


Summertime May 23, 2008

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Yeah!! I have played 9 holes of golf to officially start my summer!!  When Freddie got home tonight we went to the golf course and played.  There were only 2 other people on the course….that surprised me.  It was such a gorgeous evening.  I hope to go back tomorrow, and the next day and the next.   I also hope we can get the family together and have a cookout.  So exciting to have a long weekend!!  Freddie has his last Upward soccer game and awards tomorrow.  What are your plans to begin your summer?