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Sandman vs. snowman August 30, 2008

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My husband and my daughter love making snowmen and sandmen.  Since this was a vacation without our family, he did not have her there to help him……..but here is this year’s version of a sandman.  It isn’t 11 feet tall, but he is pretty big and I think he enjoyed the hard work that went into creating him.  A couple of boys on the beach wanted to come help, so here he is………..pretty cool, huh?


Call me Dorothy……

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I am sitting here, very tired, but had a wonderful week.  We ended up stopping in southern Alabama on Saturday night – very bad weather.  Once we got in a room we saw the tornado warnings around us.  So glad God prompted us to stop when we did.  We got to Panama City around noon on Sunday to a day of rain.  We did get to walk on the beach in between showers around 4 pm.  Monday morning we were awakened by a howling wind coming through our door…….very scary.  Around 10:00 am the fire alarm began going off and they evacuated the building.  We stood outside in the rain (partially protected) while the fire trucks came and inspected.  They finally decided it was a faulty something or other and we got to go back in.  For the next hour the alarm kept going off every 10 minutes.  We ended up leaving and finding the mall.  Tuesday – cloudy but not storming, so I spent time on the beach.  Finally Wednesday and Thursday we had sunshine!!!  YEAH!  We debated on staying for Friday, but then decided we wanted to beat Gustov and Labor Day traffic, so we headed this way.  We got home about 1am this morning……thus I am tired, but I am on MY couch, in MY home, and slept in MY bed last night.  I missed all my blogging friends and it is good to catch up today.  Just call me Dorothy…………..there is no place like home.


Rainy drive August 23, 2008

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Well……..we are going to head out and drive until we hit rough weather today.  I don’t know how far we will go, but we are leaving…….say prayers for safe travel………..and for FAY to speed up and move away from Panama City.  Thanks for your prayers.


Beaches???????? August 21, 2008

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Well, it is looking more and more like Tropical Storm Fay will keep us off the beach next week.  I am getting very sad.  Depending on which weather site you look – it is calling for rain through Wednesday and there really is no point in going to Florida to sit in a condo to watch it rain.  I did that in January in Texas.  We are planning to leave Saturday morning, but I don’t think it will be hitting that area until Saturday night and Sunday and one weather site calls for rain through Wednesday.  Don’t know what to do.  😦


Beaches August 17, 2008

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Hopefully this time next Sunday I will already be on the beach.  I  am wishing the next 6 days go fast, and that the next 6 go extremely slow.  Being on a beach with a good book is my favorite thing on this earth.  My friend H loves the cool north and I love the hot south.  I know of nothing more relaxing, more soothing or awe inspiring of all of God’s creations than the beach and the ocean.  I am like the little kid on the Disney World commercial………..I am too excited to sleep!!  I cannot wait!  Hopefully Tropical Storm Fay will have passed and a new one not start until we return.  It is just F and I, so it will be a quiet week, just what we both need.  Yeah.