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Did I Say Back Pain???? April 23, 2008

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If I look back a week, what I thought was back pain doesn’t compare …………tonight………let’s just say when you walk out a door and walk off a stoop and fall into a bed of petunias and then to the driveway………….need I say more?  Last night after small group that was exactly what I did.  I twisted my ankle, my knee is swollen, my lower back is throbbing and my neck is too stiff to turn, PLUS it broke 3 fingernails!!  But just as much as that hurts, I feel bad for tearing up the newly planted bed of petunias at my friend’s house, they were so pretty before I got there.  I owe her some new flowers!  I just didn’t realize that the steps went to the right and I went straight.  THUD!!!!!!  Boy, do I feel dumb (and sore).  My daughter says I can’t go out after dark anymore!!! 


I Should Know Better April 18, 2008

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Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  I got home from work about 5:30, looked around the kitchen for something to cook for supper, F came home and said he was going to mow the yard.  Well, it was too pretty outside to just sit on the couch, so I went out and started weeding the flower beds.  Here is where the “I should know better” comes in.  I finished about dark, went in started supper, and then sat down on the couch while food was in the oven.  The timer goes off, but oops……I can’t get off the couch.  I am SO down in my back.  I haven’t been this bad for a while.  Hurts to sit, hurts to stand, hurts to lay.  I couldn’t go to sleep – just not a good thing.  Finally around 3am I gave up and took a muscle relaxer, so the 3 hours of sleep I did get last night just happened to be right through the earthquake.  I haven’t decided if that is a good thing or bad thing!  Anyway, next time one of you hear me say something about weeding my flower beds, remind me I am too old to do that!!!!!  (This is last year’s picture of my peonies)

See you Sunday at church.