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4th of July July 4, 2008

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This was my comment to Maggie earlier in the week, but it applies to today:

I am thankful for:

Freedom, Family, Friends, Forgiveness, Familarity, Fashion, Favor, Foibles, Felicity, Furnishings, Fullness, Frugality, Freshness, Frosties, Fifties, Fragrances, Fortune, Freckles, Foliage, Flowers, Firstborn, Festivity – Fourth of July!

There are many more letters of the alphabet, I could go on and on……………….

Oops I left out Fred, must add Fred.


Today I will add that on Sunday Fred and Ben V will be doing a reading by blending the Constitution and the 23 Psalms.  Our country was founded on freedom and God.  Have a wonderful holiday and remember to thank God for our freedom to worship Him.