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Post Transfer……..and Counting November 27, 2010

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My daughter had 2 embryos transferred on Tuesday, November 23. They were able to freeze 7 of the remaining eggs. She had to have 2 days of bedrest following the procedure. She continues to get the PIO injections daily and at this point because she is so tiny she is getting bruises on her bruises. BUT, she will be able to take a pregnancy test on Friday, December 3…….so we are just in a countdown at this point. Also pray for both of us – a menopausal mother with a hormonal daughter….whew….what a combination. 7 days


IVF November 18, 2010

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Long day today and it wasn’t even me going through it, well I was but I wasn’t. My daughter has been going through the IVF process. Today she and her husband went to Nashville for the egg retrieval. The retrieved 23 eggs, which I understand is good. Now the waiting begins. She will get a phone message on the next 2 days on the growth of the embryos and they will transfer them back in her anywhere from Sunday to Tuesday – most likely Tuesday. She can have a pregnancy test on December 3. That will seem like an eternity away – kinda like waiting on Christmas when you were a child. You never thought it would get here. Keep us (yeah, me too) in your prayers and hopefully we will be like little kids on Christmas morning when we get exactly what we want.


Parenthood September 28, 2010

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That is the name of a current television show and I enjoy watching it, but it makes me stop and think. We take that for granted. Parenthood. We think that we get married, we will have babies, raise them and life will be wonderful. There are difficult times at all ages of your life. When your kids are little, when your kids are teenagers, when they become adults. One time isn’t easier than the other – just depends on how you handle it when it comes. There are many young couples who don’t have children by their choice, but just as many who don’t have children because they can’t. So many people think that because a couple does not have children that they are being selfish and the statements “when are you gonna have kids” or “your biological clock is ticking” or “when are you gonna settle down” can sting to the bone when the couple is struggling with infertility. It makes me stop and think of all the times I have said that to someone jokingly. Now I am seeing it from a different light. My daughter and her husband have struggled with this for 5 years. Every month she is heart-broken all over again. Every month I am heart-broken for her. For me, it just happened. I had a daughter and a son, really without any struggle or wait. I can’t tell her that I understand what she is feeling, because I don’t. I feel so helpless. I can’t make it happen, go away, or fix it. All I can do is pray. So the next time you are around a young couple, think before you ask them why they don’t have kids yet. Sometimes they just can’t. Keep my daughter and son-in-law in your prayers as they start the tedious steps of IVF. Pray that it will work for them. Pray that if it doesn’t I will be able to comfort my daughter. Pray for me.