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Dry season July 30, 2008

You know, I think that is where I have been.  The past several weeks I have been mad – no particular thing, just everything in general – well………maybe a couple of specifics, but mostly a general emotion of mad about this… over this… because of this…he said….she said….he didn’t…..she won’t….family, friends, coworkers.  There wasn’t anyone immune from me being mad at them.  Anyway, my small group is doing a study by Angela Thomas.  Last night it was on Matthew 5:6.  And I want to be that.  I want to be hungry and thirsty……..and I want to be filled up.  She told us to think of ourself as a glass of water and she poured water from a pitcher into an empty glass.  She told us Jesus wants to make us full to the point that we are overflowing and sloshing out onto others.  She said we are to ask God to fill us up, but sometimes we just have to drag ourselves up to make that prayer and sometimes we have to ask friends to help.  I am empty.  I ask my friends to pray for me to be filled.  She told us that our husbands cannot make us whole, our children cannot make us whole, our positions cannot make us whole and our stuff cannot make us whole.  How many times do we rely on them for taking care of the needs we think we need at the time.  Wow.  (Laughing……..she said that kids whose mom’s think that the kids have to be her savior turn out weird!)  We all need God to fill us up to overflowing.  This was a great week of study.  If you haven’t read her book or done this study it is “A Beautiful Offering”.  Great study.  I am looking forward to this week’s word.  Fill me up Lord. – make me hungry and thirsty for more of you.


PIG ROAST July 13, 2008

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What a night.  Pig roast at 2bc.  I bet there were over 400 people there.  All kinds of good food (:( was gone by the time i got to go through the line except for the bowl of blackberry cobbler i scooped when karen brought it in hot!! MmmMmm good.  Wonderful fellowship for the church and to kick off Vacation Bible School.  My friend told me tonight as we were in line that I could come help in her room, but I told her since she hadn’t ask before I thought she had more than enough crafters to take my place.  I think I will take the time off this year.

You all have fun at VBS!!

Tomorrow is another day in the salt mine.  Put me on your prayer list, it seems that daily it is getting harder and harder to go in and face the same stuff I have for the last 25 years.  I don’t even think that anyone realized that Oct 1 will be my 25 year anniversary.  WHAT WAS I THINKING???  Freddie and I will be married 30 years in August YAY!! (don’t you think that warrants a BIG diamond ring?????)  Just say yes.


Tag…… July 12, 2008

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10 years ago I was: much younger!!!! Living in this house, had one in college and one in high school. More active in baseball and golf tournaments than in church.

5 things to do today: Go to work……….hmmmmm…….come home from work………..hmmmmm……forgot to go to grocery before I came home, so can’t freeze corn without freezer bags, so i guess i will end the day by resting.

Snack I enjoy: Potato chips and Reese’s White Peanut Butter Cups

Things I would do if a Millionaire: Quit work. Pay off my and my kids debt, and buy a house on the beach in Florida and play golf every day.

Places I have lived: Greenville, Murray, Greenville, Central City and back to Greenville.

4 people to tag: Melissa, Holly, Misty and Maggie

……………but by the time I figured out how to do this…….everyone has been tagged.  At least I learned something new.


4th of July July 4, 2008

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This was my comment to Maggie earlier in the week, but it applies to today:

I am thankful for:

Freedom, Family, Friends, Forgiveness, Familarity, Fashion, Favor, Foibles, Felicity, Furnishings, Fullness, Frugality, Freshness, Frosties, Fifties, Fragrances, Fortune, Freckles, Foliage, Flowers, Firstborn, Festivity – Fourth of July!

There are many more letters of the alphabet, I could go on and on……………….

Oops I left out Fred, must add Fred.


Today I will add that on Sunday Fred and Ben V will be doing a reading by blending the Constitution and the 23 Psalms.  Our country was founded on freedom and God.  Have a wonderful holiday and remember to thank God for our freedom to worship Him.


Isaac July 3, 2008

Yesterday I just kept thinking about Jacob and what he and his family must be going through.  Last night the Patriarchs Week 3 was about Isaac.  Beth Moore talked about Abraham taking that 3 day walk to place his son Isaac as a sacrifice out of obedience to God.  Can you imagine all that would be going through your head in that 3 days?  Can you imagine raising the sword over your head to kill you own child?  I wish I could say I was that obedient, but…………..whew………………..my child?  Are you sure God?  Did I hear you right?  My child?  Beth also made a statement “We will give him most of what we love, but we won’t give him what we love most”  God will give us tests in our lifetime, but each test has only OUR name on it.  No one else has to take my test, I don’t have to take your test.  Through doing that, He may just be trying to prove to us that we can pass the test.  Prove to ourself that we have the faith we need.  Beth also said that even in our most trying tests, obedience is not the hardest part, but keeping the faith is. 

So, the family I spoke about yesterday, their hardest test is going to be keeping the faith.  We have to be intecessors for them.  We have to continue to lift them up and pray for God’s will in Jacob’s life and their life.  Please do that with me.


For Jacob July 2, 2008

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Each one of you that read this……….pray for Jacob.  Pray for his mom, dad and brother too.  Send them an ecard.  You can go to www.vanderbiltchildrens.com.  Click on Send an ecard.  Click on the card you like, fill in his name, I always click that I don’t know his room number, type in your name, message and they will deliver a card to their room.  I honestly cannot imagine spending 3/4 of my child’s life in a hospital with them, surgery after surgery, medicine on top of medicine.   What strength A must have.  Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday.  She is healthy.  I am thankful.  Remind yourself you are blessed today.