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Laminin May 30, 2008

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I wish I knew how to put a link on this blog, but this post is great.  I previously watched the Louie Giglio God Tube video and was blown away.  Go to the blog, www.kingdomengineers.wordpress.com and read the May 29 post.  It will also give you a link to the video.  This is one of the best recaps I have read.  I tried to write one several times after I saw the video, but just couldn’t get the words right.  This one is good.


Rain, rain, go away May 26, 2008

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Well, as I am sure most of you are, I am very disappointed that today is so stormy. I had hoped to pack as much as I could into this holiday. I wanted to play golf, work on our patio/landscape ideas and have a family cookout tonight. Of course, we can still get the family together, which is the most important of all my plans, but I really was looking forward to playing in a golf scramble with another couple too. Another time, another day. Anyway, here is what we have accomplished so far in our back yard. We are still trying to come up with a design for a patio. I don’t want square.  Ideas are welcome. Have a good rest of your Memorial Day. Thinking of you today, Dad. Love you.


Summertime May 23, 2008

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Yeah!! I have played 9 holes of golf to officially start my summer!!  When Freddie got home tonight we went to the golf course and played.  There were only 2 other people on the course….that surprised me.  It was such a gorgeous evening.  I hope to go back tomorrow, and the next day and the next.   I also hope we can get the family together and have a cookout.  So exciting to have a long weekend!!  Freddie has his last Upward soccer game and awards tomorrow.  What are your plans to begin your summer?


Beautimous May 17, 2008

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Has this not been a beautimous day?  There is a two man golf tournament going on at the golf course, so the course was closed, but Freddie and I bought some flowers and a new tree and have been outside planting.  Thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors.  Adam and his date are at a baseball game and Lori & Clint have chair set-up at church, but they will all be here later to grill out.  Looking forward to having a family evening.  See you tomorrow at church!


Sit, Soak, but hopefully not sour……………. May 13, 2008

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 It is time to go soak in the hot tub and loosen some muscles.  Just wanted to tell each of you that I Love You.  We never know how lucky we are to have friends, a Bible, a set time to meet to have corporate worship, to know God’s love, and the freedom to take it all in.  Someone said tonight that if we sin at 12 midnight, ask for forgiveness at 12:01 AM we will have mercy at 12:02 am.  Press into Him daily.  Think about that …..all we need to do is ask God’s forgiveness and it is granted!!!  He loves us that much.  God is soo good all the time.   I love each and everyone of you, if you need anyone you want to listen, I am your girl!!!!!  I  went to Dismas House which is a half way house for women serving time  in jail, In Owensboro tonight for a service, time of prayer, praise. The Holy Spirit was definitely in the house.   We are SO, SO lucky.  So, So lucky.  Thank God everyday for what you have.  You are blessed.  Pray if I go back God will give me the words to be his witness and not hang on to apron strings of others.  Crack me out of my shell.  I love each of you!!!  Thank you Jesus for what you have blessed upon me.

PS I would like to find out who did the praise and worship tonight, he was really, really good!!

Have a good week

Love, Kim

EDIT NOTE:  To clarify –  my small group went to Dismas House and I accompanied them.  They keep me accountable and make me grow and help me to step outside MY box I have created for myself.  I got as much out of the worship service as the girls there, they witnessed to me, and my small group was my support.   Thanks M&Ms.


Sunday May 11, 2008

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Happy Mother’s Day to my friends!  My beautiful daughter took me yesterday for a pedicure and out to lunch and we bought flowers to plant in my planters on the patio.  It was a great day.  We also both took Thursday off and went shopping in Evansville.  Very nice mother’s day.  Hope you had one too!


Blessavations May 8, 2008

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If you put blessings and aggravations into one word……….you would get blessavations.  That is what I think of when family comes home from out of state.  I do look forward to seeing my neices (one 18 years and one 20 months) but I hate the hassle of working our working/church schedule around what they want to do when they want to do it, altering my schedule to accomodate them only to feel very unappreciated.  Whine, whine…..I know.  I am blessed that I have family but this old body is used to my bedtime, and my couch, and my quiet home.  My brother and I are  opposite in so many ways, but enough alike in that we both want the other one to change their schedule to accomodate the other.  Whine,whine.  But I think it is in I or II Timothy where we are to practice our religion by caring for our family, repaying parents and grandparents, for that is pleasing to God.  And I of course want to please God.  Now I just gotta work on the mind thing. 

Have a great day!!  (Oh yeah – blessing – I am off work today) (blessavation – more family stuff to do)