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Worship March 30, 2008

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Sunday morning early worship service was awesome today!!!!  I just love the song Beautiful One.  Bro. Ray ended his series on Prayer.  Great job.  Great praise and worship time.  Great time spent with the Lord. 


Lord, I Want To Be A Paperclip………….. March 21, 2008

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Week 5.  The Process of Prayer.  I too was like Jennifer Kennedy Dean said she used to be.  I thought prayer was made up of 2 parts – my request and God’s answer.  A prayer list prayer life.  Prayer is a process.  During that process we are brought to submission to God.  He in turn weans our hearts from the things we desire to learn to fasten on Him – like a paper clip to a magnet.  During this process God’s truth takes on a deeper meaning.  We are connected to Him.  We delight ourselves in Him.  When we delight ourselves in God, He becomes the desire of our heart.  Delight is translated from a Hebrew word meaning “soft, moldable or pliable”.   When we delight in the Lord He molds our heart to match His.  As our hearts change, so do our desires.   As this is happening we also realize that we cannot “know the desire of our heart unless we know the heart of our desire”.  Then in the process of our prayers, we change, because God is shaping our heart like His.  Our prayer stands in the gap and brings God’s will to be released on the earth.  We bridge that gap for each other as we pray.  We also connect to each other through the prayers – like a paper clip to a magnet.  Lord, I want to be a paper clip.


Prayer thoughts March 14, 2008

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Wednesday night during discussion of “Live A Praying Life” the question was asked………are prayers answered when you have more people praying?  What do you think?  Do you think one prayer spoken by one person is enough, or do we need “numbers” of people to pray for a prayer to be answered?  Or is it greater that a prayer will be answered if more people pray for it?


…….(Sigh) March 13, 2008

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Ahh…. the life of luxury!!! A few weeks ago I won my choice of a facial or pedicure from LaBelle Day Spa from the local radio station.  I scheduled it for today.  Then I thought, why not schedule a hot rock massage by BR for same day.  So I left work this afternoon, started with a massage(which was awesome) and then a pedicure (i now have my first french manicure pedicure). (??manicure pedicure??)  I got my toes done!!!   I didn’t get home until almost 7:30, soaked up over 2 hours of luxurious pampering.  Now if I only had someone to feed me grapes…………………………………………


Unspoken March 12, 2008

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Unspoken. Thank you.


Snowman March 8, 2008

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Snowman Finale

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snowman-037.jpgWell, here are the last couple of pictures for the snowman.  It ended up being 11 foot ?? 7?? inches tall.   F, L and C had fun.  I am just the photographer.  We just sat here and ate potato soup to warm up.  It was a good day.